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An Affordable Guide To The Five Most Essential Pieces Of Fly Fishing Gear

Discount Fly Fishing Gear If you're just starting out in the sport of fly fishing, assembling gear can be a daunting experience. I can make it easier with a guide to the most essential fly-fishing gear and where to purchase it. Here are my suggestions for the top 5 essentials gear items for fly-fishing.

Three Forks Rod and Reel Combo, Cabela's, $79.99-$89.99. I own this rod and reel combination, and it performs just fine for me. I like a stiffer rod since it helps my casting, so this rod fits the bill. The reel offers fairly smooth action, though I probably will upgrade to a more expensive model. You do need to load your own fly line, so plan on going to your own tackle shop to have them do it for free or for $5 at the most.

Wooly Bugger Set, Orvis, $15.95. As a dry fly fisherman, I favor the wooly bugger overall. This fly seems to attract the most fish for me. Since Orvis began as a fly-fishing tackle shop, they naturally have a large selection of flies as well as expertise.

Tool and Gadget Set, Orvis, $39.95. While it is a bit expensive, this set contains the essential tools: nipper, zinger, forceps, and a fly box. I challenge any fly fisher to get out on the river without these tools. The tools all fit in the fly box for ease of storage, an added bonus.

Waders and Boots, Sierra Trading Post, between $75-$150. I don't believe a fly fisher can fish from the banks. They should get waist-deep in the middle of the stream in order to get at the fish. Sierra Trading Post frequently has waders at a discount, even waders for women. Each fly fisher has his or her own preferred wader. I like the Simms brand. The most important thing to a wader is the included safety bet. This prevents water from flooding the wader and possibly drowning the wearer. As for boots, I look for ones with plenty of traction. I prefer insulated boots since my feet get cold easily, but you could also choose non-insulated ones.

Polarized sunglasses, Amazon, about $10. If you want to see the fish under water, then you need polarized sunglasses. These sunglasses cut through the glare and allow you to see your potential catch. These glasses are both inexpensive and provide eye protection. They are also designed not to slip during activity.

By Nicole Hubbard - English/economics major freelancing right now