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Fly Fishing For Bass May Just Get Your Hooked

Fly Fishing For Bass When it comes to hobbies golf and fishing are two of the most popular. Although these have been considered more of hobbies for men there are now a large number of women who do both. We'll talk about golf another time. In this article we will look at fishing and more specifically Fly Fishing For Bass.

If you like to fish and want to be a little more challenged yet still stay relaxed doing it Fly Fishing For Bass may just be for you. If you have fly fished before you will find doing it for bass to be a little different.

First of all your rod is going to be heavier than say a rod used to fly fish for trout. A bass fishing fly rod is normally 8 weight. Since large mouth bass eat frogs and crayfish they are used to eating something larger, so your fly will need to be larger. The leader will be relatively short, 4-6 feet, with the tippet at around a 8 pound test line which will help you get bass out of underwater vegetation.

When you cast you want to be on your boat and cast towards the shore. If you let you fly rest on the water and then create a snapping noise of the bug on the water you will attract the attention of the bass.

Bass will take cover in and around stumps, trees, weed beds, rocks, or boat docks. They hide in this cover and rush out to grab food as it swims by. Smallmouth bass prefer deeper and cooler waters until evening when they come up to the shallows to feed. They also prefer moving water such as rivers or streams.

Largemouth bass prefer shallower and warmer waters. They seldom go deeper than about twenty feet. They prefer still waters like lakes or ponds. In winter they dwell on the lake bottom, but are still very much active.

Fly Fishing For Bass is at it's best in slow moving creeks and small lakes. The thing about fly fishing for bass is that fighting the fish with a fly rod always makes the bass seem larger than it really is. When you get the bass under control, guide it out of the hole and into deeper open water. Then play it off the reel.

For a challenging and fun time try fly fishing for bass. You may find yourself getting hooked on it.

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