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What You Need To Know About Fly Fishing Magazines

Fly Fishing MagazineThere are a staggering number of fly fishing magazines on the market today. Naturally, the existence of numerous good publications is suggestive of a popular and fast-growing activity that we call fly fishing. You will find more than 40 magazines that devote themselves to some aspect of fly fishing. These fly fishing magazines could be anything from a tiny local focus, to a worldwide phenomena. The issue, obviously, is that none of us have enough hours in the day to devote to reading forty different publications. Consequently, this article was written to assist the busy angler in their choosing of the most useful fly fishing magazines.

Fly Fishing Magazines Choice Number One: American Angler

The American Angler has become the most well-known of all the fishing publications. They generally have articles compiled by well-known experts plus they cover practically each and every area of the planet. They are not always a fly fishing only magazine, but rather they cover every type of fishing experience. Nor do they focus on one species of fish, but instead they include the whole spectrum. A busy angler can't fail by choosing this magazine among their choices of reading material.

Fly Fishing Magazines Choice Number Two: Fly Fishermen

Fly Fisherman magazine is more targeted towards the fly fishing experience, as you might expect. However, they are broad in their range because they go over subjects that concern freshwater and also deep sea fly fishing. They are also noted for effectively discussing casting and other presentation techniques.

Fly Fishing Magazines Choice Number Three: Gray's Sporting Journal

This particular magazine goes past the fundamental how-to instructions and rather delves in to tales concerning the individuals who take part in sports. It is definitely focused on the light-hearted audience, and does a very effective job of entertaining its clientele. I find this periodical to be a good option to the other, more serious magazines that will get into the minutia of fishing.

Fly Fishing Magazines Choice Number Four: Fly Fishing and Tying Journal

Talk about the minutia of fly fishing! This publication deep dives in to practically any and all topics regarding fly fishing anglers. In particular they are recognized for their color photography and illustrations that illustrate to the reader how to tie flies, the way to attach leaders, the way to perform better casts, and other topics of that nature.

Fly Fishing Magazines Choice Number Five: the Regionals

As mentioned previously, you will find a whole host of magazines fashioned with the local fisherman in mind. Such publications as the Canadian Fly Fisher, Fly Fishing in America, Alaska Fly Fishing, and Fly Fishing UK, are typical examples of high quality local magazines. If you're planning a road trip, and would like to learn a little more about the regional environment, then there is probably a regional publication that will help in your fishing excursion.


In this day and age there is an overwhelming quantity of information available on almost any subject, including fly fishing. It will behoove the experienced angler to avail themselves of any and all info that will help them to catch more fish. We expect that this brief article on fly fishing magazines will help you to better enjoy your fishing experience.

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