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Steelhead Fly Fishing


Steelhead Fly Fishing With A Glo Bug

Steelhead Fly Fishing

The glo bug is one of the simplest flies to tie and is one of the simplest flies to fish with. Steelhead Fly Fishing has come to rely on the Glo Bug, and is one of the most common flies used to fish with today. Lets go over some basic color selection for this fly. You may either try to match the color around you or use very bright colors that stand out. You will just have to test and experiment.

Techniques with these flies is simple, using a dead drift nymph technique, or a wet fly swing. For the dead drift nymph technique cast the Glo Bug upstream and just allow the glo bug to drift back down stream toward you. This will allow the most natural presentation of the glo bug . The other option is the wet fly swing, which is where you cast the glo bug out in front you and allow the Glo Bug to drift downstream. Once the fly is far enough away it will start to swing back towards you, hence the name wet fly swing. This is the technique I would recommend for covering a lot of water. Just cast out, make your retrieve, then take a step down stream and start over.

You may use this fly either by itself or you may want to use it tandem. A favorite among fly fisherman is a tandem rig with a glo bug tied to the leader, and a wooly bugger tied to the glo bug. This technique gives the imitation of a small bait fish chasing after a spawn egg. This rig can be a deadly combination to catch steelhead.


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