Fly Fishing Hoppers

7 Terrestrial Tips

George Daniel, in a current piece over at Hatch Publication, shares some terrific suggestions on fishing terrestrial flies. With that season right around the corner for many anglers, this is a great pointer of the suggestions to utilize when...

comparadun fly

Choosing Deer Hair for Flies

In this article over at the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog Site, Phil Monahan highlights a strategy you can utilize to select the best deer hair for flies. Particularly, he takes a look at selecting deer hair for connecting comparaduns--...


Opinion: Does Catch and Release Work?

I have actually been resting on this subject for a couple of weeks now, however I lastly got all my ideas put down into what I hope is a meaningful way. The subject is catch and release fishing, and...

ultralight rods

Ultralight Rods – What Are they Good For?

In a current piece over at Hatch Publication, I had the possibility to explain on the numerous usage cases for ultralight fly fishing pole. 0, 1, and 2-weight rods have a location in fly fishing-- much like the specialized...

cajun spey

The Cajun Spey Waltz

Louis Cahill has another excellent narrative over at Gink & Fuel, this time about spey fishing in the snow in Louisiana. Noise a bit improbable? Well, it's not. It's fly fishing, and you can check out the story here....

Fly Fishing Cutthroat

Iconic Fly Fishing Destinations in Each State

This list makes certain to stimulate some discussion among anglers, and what much better method to start our week than a friendly argument? The list of the most renowned fly fishing location in each state is a bit shallow,...


Paying Homage to Moms

Steve Angers, over at The Conway Daily Sun, composed a terrific story about all the mamas he's fulfilled throughout the years operating at North Nation Fishing. Check out the story here. The post Admiring Mothers appeared initially on MidCurrent.

Teaching Kids to Fish | MidCurrent

Teaching Kids to Fish | MidCurrent

I just recently had the opportunity to assist a mom and child on a fly fishing expedition here in Utah. I discovered a lot that day. I have actually never ever assisted a mother-daughter duo prior to, nor have...

school of trout

One Thing Anglers Need to Improve

Todd Tanner, of the School of Trout and Hatch Publication, just recently asked 10 of the very best fly fishing trainers in America for their ideas on something anglers can do to enhance their fly fishing video game. The...


Column: Hope and Fly Fishing

Anglers have a couple of things in typical, no matter where we originate from or what types we chase after. Among them is a mindset of hopefulness. This idea of being permanently enthusiastic is analyzed through the lens of...

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