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How to Cure Tailing Loops

How to Cure Tailing Loops

Image: Pierce Martin/Flickr Among the most typical issues any fly caster will deal with is that of trailing loops. Normally, this is an issue for folks simply finding out to fly fish, however it can affect veterans of the...

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How to Rig a Streamer

The great folks over at Orvis have actually been launching brand-new brief videos that cover all sorts of fly fishing methods. The most current of these videos includes Tom Rosenbauer strolling you through how to rig up a banner...



School of Trout casting trainer John Juracek, who is among the finest fly casters worldwide, shows his fly-casting competence for the electronic camera. The post FLY CASTING with JOHN JURACEK appeared initially on Moldy Buddy.

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Making an Effective Short Presentation

Among the most essential abilities an angler can sharpen is the capability to make precise and reliable brief discussions. It's unusual that you require reliable casts at 60-plus feet; rather, you require to concentrate on casting efficiently and effectively...

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Podcast: Orvis Podcast with Pete Kutzer

Tom Rosenbauer took a seat with Pete Kutzer-- among fly fishing's finest casting trainers-- to speak about casting to hard fish. With Pete's proficiency of fly casting, and Tom's years of experience, this podcast episode is a wealth of...


Improve Your Casting Accuracy

If you're seeking to begin the brand-new year off on the ideal foot, then this newest piece from Louis Cahill at Gink & Fuel is for you. It information how a fantastic fly cast begins with more than simply...

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Cast With a Purpose | MidCurrent

When I initially began fishing, the most typical feedback I got was to cast less. My line invested excessive time in the air, and it was mainly due to my casting without a function. As Justin Pickett information in...

Learn The Catch Cast – Moldy Chum

Learn The Catch Cast – Moldy Chum

In this week's RIO Fly Fishing Idea, Simon Gawesworth demonstrates how to make a "Capture Cast." A catch cast is a cast that permits an angler to cast the line out, then snap the rod suggestion and make the...


Avoid Crowds By Casting Better

This is an incredibly thought-provoking piece from John Juracek in Hatch Magazine He argues that by virtue of ending up being a much better fly caster, you can actually cast yourself into smaller sized-- or nonexistent-- crowds, even on...

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