Oregon Winter Steelhead Fishing

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One Last Chance to Protect Wild Steelhead

From Native Fish Society Next week, ODFW Commissioners will be making a significant choice on the future of wild winter season steelhead policies in southern Oregon. Commissioners will choose to either embrace fishing policies that will need the catch...

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Protect Wild Steelhead on the South Coast

From Native Fish Society In less than a month, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission will go over the Rogue-South Coast Multi-Species Preservation and Management Prepare for the last time. It is our genuine hope that the Commission takes...


Release Wild Steelhead in Southern Oregon

Ask ODFW Commission to Embrace Catch and Release Laws for Wild Steelhead This Friday, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commissioners will be evaluating the Rogue South Coast Preservation Management Strategy prior to embracing it in the December conference...

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