Proven Spring Fly Patterns

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Jigged Stonefly Nymph Fly Tying Video

In this video, Justin connects a wonderful jigged stonefly pattern. The fly does not have much bulk to it, and will sink like a stone for sure. Bouncing this stonefly off the river bottom on any nymph rig utilizing...


Phlashy Pheasant Tail Jig Nymph Fly Tying Video

Today we have another jig nymph connected by Justin Helm. This fly is a terrific guide fly; the "phlashy pheasant jig" is an attractor pattern that fasts to connect, flexible, and fishes excellent. Mix and match various colors in...

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Justifier Nymph Fly Tying Video

Today Justin connects his variation of another regional guide Clay Holloway's pattern, the Clay Maker. Clay's initial is connected with a fancy copper body, and Justin makes a modification to the fly with a peacock colored style. Justin fished...