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Story: Kayak Fishing

Story: Kayak Fishing

In this story for Vail Daily, Michael Salomone takes us through the experience of fly fishing from a kayak. With how popular kayaks appear to be nowadays, it's a story worth checking out. You can discover it here. The...

Texas Redfish

Story: America’s Fish | MidCurrent

Blane Chocklett created this excellent story about what he views as America's fish-- and it's not a trout. Redfish, Chocklett states, deserve this title, due to the fact that there's such an abundance of big ones. It's an intriguing...

Fly Fishing in the City

Story: Urban Fly Fishing | MidCurrent

In case you require more inspiration to explore your regional environments, this piece from Rob McConnell in Hatch Publication advises you why metropolitan fly fishing has a location in the sport. Some wonderful fly fishing chances wait for if...

Story: The Last Moment of Silence

Story: The Last Moment of Silence

This terrific story by Matt Harris over in Hatch Publication is an excerpt from his upcoming book The Fish of a Life time. In this excerpt, you'll be handled a fantastic journey through Mongolia as Matt goes after a...

Fly Fishing for Big Trout

Story: An Evening Rise in New Zealand

Stories about fly fishing in New Zealand never ever appear to get old, particularly when the nation's brown trout are included. In this current story in Fly Angler Publication, John Randolph regales us with a tale about going after...

Story: Appropriate Feelings of Superiority

Story: Appropriate Feelings of Superiority

Matt Dunn created this incredibly enjoyable checked out in The Flyfish Journal about fly fishing for striped bass in the East River in New York City City. For anglers who chase after stripers, such a place isn't a shock;...

british columbia

Feature on Fernie, British Columbia

Chris Santella assembled a function on the exceptional fishery in the Fernie, British Columbia location, for The Washington Post. He does an excellent task informing the story of why numerous anglers are fascinated with this corner of British Columbia....

fly tying

Story: Fly Fishing Taught Major Lessons in Living

This story pertains to us from Jennifer Tzeses in Popular Mechanics, and it information how Amanda Winkelman utilizes fly fishing to discover life. You can check out the complete story here. The post Story: Fly Fishing Taught Major Lessons...

Florida Tarpon Fishing

The Crash of Florida’s Tarpon Capitol

This story is adjusted from Monte Burke's unique Lords of the Fly, and it information how a few of Florida's finest tarpon fishing has actually vanished over the last few years. You can check out the story here. The...

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