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use your map

Story: Use Your Map!

This is a great story from Justin Pickett over at Gink & Fuel, about the requirement to utilize your map while you're out fishing and checking out. It's an enjoyable checked out an experience he had searching for a...

Fly Fishing Brown Trout

Story: Everything Has a Flipside

Dom Swentosky, over at Troutbitten, just recently penned this enjoyable story entitled "Whatever Has a Flipside." You can read it completely here. The post Story: Whatever Has a Flipside appeared initially on MidCurrent.

hatch mag

Story: Growing Older, Not Up

Tim Schulz, over at Hatch Publication, penned this terrific story that plucks at a style typical to the majority of us fly anglers-- we do not like maturing. You can check out Schulz's terrific story here. The post Story:...

winter fly fishing

Story: Winter Fly Fishing | MidCurrent

This story is the current installation in Dom Swentosky's series on fly fishing throughout the cold weather, entitled "Something's Always Gon na Hurt." As a devoted winter season fly fisher myself, I can vouch for the fact of Dom's...

boat ramp

Story: Research Your Boat Ramps

In this piece, Louis Cahill states a story in which he lost a day of musky fishing due to the fact that he took somebody's word that he might go for a particular boat ramp. Stressing over boat ramps...

Essay: Fly Fishing on 9/11

Essay: Fly Fishing on 9/11

Every year, I feel it is essential to review 9/11 and the catastrophes included. Despite the fact that we fly anglers frequently pride ourselves on the capability to leave the "genuine" world behind-- often for weeks at a time--...

Story: A Southerner in Patagonia

Story: A Southerner in Patagonia

Kevin Howell composed this story about being a Southerner fishing in Patagonia. It's an enjoyable read, specifically as we get to completion of the week. Offer it a checked out completely here. The post Story: A Southerner in Patagonia...


Story: ‘My Fishing Dogs’ | MidCurrent

Dom Swentosky has a method of spinning stories that I simply fall for. His current story about fishing pets truly got to me. It's an ode to all the important things that make fishing pets fantastic, and I believe...

fly fishing south

Story: A Wyoming Angler in the South

This piece, published by Louis Cahill over at Gink & Gas, entitled Conceited. Self-centered. Proud. A Wyoming Angler In The American South is a breath of fresh air. It's an enjoyable story, composed by a buddy of Louis', by...

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