Connecticut Tailwater Trout | MidCurrent

Connecticut Tailwater Trout | MidCurrent

If you remain in the northeast and searching for some new-to-you positions to explore this year, you require to read this story from Ed Van Put. He provides some excellent information on the Farmington River, that make it seem...


Traveling to Patagonia

Picture: Derekandnona/Flickr In a current column for Artful Living, David Coggins sets out the reasons that any fly angler need to make the journey to Patagonia a minimum of as soon as. You can read it here. The post...

Story: The Last Moment of Silence

Story: The Last Moment of Silence

This terrific story by Matt Harris over in Hatch Publication is an excerpt from his upcoming book The Fish of a Life time. In this excerpt, you'll be handled a fantastic journey through Mongolia as Matt goes after a...

DIY Bonefishing

Best Saltwater Fishing Destinations | MidCurrent

If you wish to prepare an unique saltwater fly fishing expedition, however can't choose where to go, this short article can assist you narrow the option down a bit. Dylan Hayward explains on 6 of the very best saltwater...

british columbia

Feature on Fernie, British Columbia

Chris Santella assembled a function on the exceptional fishery in the Fernie, British Columbia location, for The Washington Post. He does an excellent task informing the story of why numerous anglers are fascinated with this corner of British Columbia....

use your map

Story: Use Your Map!

This is a great story from Justin Pickett over at Gink & Fuel, about the requirement to utilize your map while you're out fishing and checking out. It's an enjoyable checked out an experience he had searching for a...

Fly Fishing Alaska

Travel: See Southeast Alaska | MidCurrent

Alaska holds the dreams and hearts of lots of anglers, and truly so. It's a stunning, amazing landscape that is among my preferred locations to fish. However it's not everything about salmon on the Kenai River, or halibut in...

cheap fly fishing

12 Tips for Cheap Fishing Trips

I enjoy enjoyable, ingenious concepts like the things by Louis Cahill in this current story at Gink & Gas. In it, Cahill information 12 suggestions for creating an impressive fly fishing expedition on the inexpensive. In a time of...

Fly Fishing Cutthroat

Iconic Fly Fishing Destinations in Each State

This list makes certain to stimulate some discussion among anglers, and what much better method to start our week than a friendly argument? The list of the most renowned fly fishing location in each state is a bit shallow,...

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