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A Guide To Finding The Best Inexpensive Fly Fishing Gear

Fly Fishing Supplies Fly fishing can burn a hole in your pocket very fast, especially if you buy all the best equipment. Finding cheap fly fishing gear can be a chore. I know one fisherman who went from fly fishing to spin casting very fast, just because of the cost of fly fishing. I will help you find cheap fly fishing gear without getting a second mortgage. I believe that fly fishing is a lot of fun once you get all right fishing supplies.

1) Rod & Reel Combination. Why not start off with this fly fishing gear? Many of the mass produced graphite rods might not be as good as the bamboo rods, but you can start off with this fly fishing supply . I now own a bamboo rod, and the only real difference is the amount of flexibility compared to the graphite rod. When I started fly fishing I purchased cheap fly fishing gear, My first purchase was a Fly Rod/Reel combination. The fisherman that taught me to how to fly fish explained to me that it was the fisherman that caught the fish, not the equipment. If I did not know what sort of fly to throw at the fish, I could fish all day with a 1, 000 dollar fly rod and reel, and still go without catching a fish. The Cabela's Cahill Fly Rod and Reel Outfit has excellent ratings - 4.2 out of 5. This will take care of your rod, reel, and fly line Fly Fishing Supplies. You will have to decide what weight of fly rod you will need. An Extra Reel - An extra reel should be part of your fly fishing gear. This extra reel is necessary if you have a dry fly line and a wet fly line. I have tried the liquid solutions that keep a wet line a float, and have not been very happy with them. There is nothing worse than using valuable energy trying to dry out a dry fly that has sunk because the wet line has dragged fly under. You can take a look at the Redington Red.Fly2 Series Fly Reel at Basspro for $59.00 this fly reel is good addition to your Fly Fishing Supplies. I use the better reel for wet fly fishing, this is where I catch the biggest fish and I want the better reel for the bigger fish.

2) Waders Waders are necessary part of your fly fishing gear for casting when you venture out into a lake or along the side of a river. It provides you with distance from the foliage on shore and will provide you with more casting distance. Other than the Fly rod and reel this is the most important addition to your Fly Fishing Supplies. Make sure that they are good waders. I have worn cheap waders once and regretted the experience. There is nothing worse than being out deep with a wader full of water. The Snowbee Premium Waders has 4 mm waterproof neoprene which provides flexible durability. Waders should not be taken lightly when you are looking for fly fishing gear. You should actually spend a little bit more when purchasing waders - these waders cost 69.99 from The Sportsman Guide

3) Fly Fishing Vests These are great for keeping your fly boxes, extra reels, extra tippet, and other fly fishing supplies. When you are wading into water, this is an excellent accessory. Take a look at the Redington Clark Fork Mesh Gear Vest, which weighs in at 1.5 lbs from Amazon for only 29.95. This is a vest that dries quickly when wet. The last piece of fly fishing gear that you want is a heavy vest when you are wading on slippery rocks in a fast river.

4) Landing Net These are handy to have so that you can land your fish, take a picture and release the fish. A good cheap fly fishing net is the Frabill Trout Landing Net which is 11" x 15" and 12" deep. This net is lightweight anodized aluminum with nylon mesh and makes a great catch and release net. You can purchase this net from Fish USA for 11.95. This is the net that I use, and it is more than adequate. 5) Fly boxes Fly boxes help you sort your flies, but make sure that they float. This helps if they drop into the water. You should have no less than two boxes for the flies, one for dry flies and one for wet flies. You can get a Plano Fly Box medium sized box (7"L X 5"W X 2"H) for 8.92 from Tackle and Lures

I hope that I have helped you decide what the best fly fishing gear to spend your hard earned cash on. There are some good cheap fly fishing gear available, more than what was available when I started to fish.

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