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Top 10 Fly Fishing Books, DVD's And Websites For Beginners!

Fly Tyer Magazine Fly Fishing can be extremely rewarding and for many people it becomes a passion, but everyone has to start somewhere. Not everyone is lucky enough to have it taught to them when they were barely knee high to grasshopper. My husband just started taking up fly fishing and found out very quickly that there is a lot more to it then meets the eye. When you first start out you need to expect to shell out a bit of money for some decent starting gear. But where do you get the information on what is good and what is necessary? Of course you can talk to your local fly fishing or sportsman retail store, but I recommend that you do some pre-reading and self education before you go out to spend your hard earned cash on the first Rod and Reel.

After weeks of searching through online Websites, renting DVD's and borrowing Books from the local Library, here are the ones we ended up finding the easiest to learn from, most educational and ended up actually buying. Allow me to pass our finds along to you and I hope that it will give you a starting point if you too are in the starting out phase.

1. DVD -Fly Fishing a lifetime Sport by David & Cheryl Young.

This DVD was such a good starting point, that I literally hunted this DVD down. The good news is that you can find it easily in your local Library if you don't have the cash to buy it right now and would rather spend the extra $24.95 on a Reel. This is a Video Library School style in text and video footage. Expect to spend several hours learning all the information this one single Video can give. This DVD is the most informational, but probably not the easiest to digest.

2. DVD - The new Fly Fishing Basics

Another good DVD for the Novice with even information that is good even for the slightly advanced.

3. VHS - Part 1 (Casting Techniques) and Part 2 (Advanced Casting Techniques) ..Successful Fly Fighting Techniques with Tom White.

4. Book - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fly Fishing

You won't find this Book on the Book Shelves in your local Bookstore any longer, but it is still freely available at Ebay and at Amazon. Like most Idiot's Guides it is easy to read, full of snappy humor and makes what most want to make more complicated a little easier to understand.

5. Book - The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing

This is a must have book with a little bit of everything you need to know in fairly easy to understand detail. This Book is easy to find and freely available at any Barnes & Nobles, online Book Retailer etc. From start to finish, a good learning tool and later on reference for the Fly Fisher.

6. Book - Basic Fly-fishing by Les Hawkins

Just because it is always best to learn things from different points of view.

7. Magazine - Fly Tyer

8. Magazine - FlyFusion (Where Fly-fishing Elements Unite)

9. Website -

I know no real surprise there is it. By the way the book with the same name isn't bad either!

10. Website - (Federation of Fly Fishers)

When in doubt go the folks who made fly fishing into more then just a hobby. Here you can get links and information on resources, Fly Fishing Groups and Classes.

Even if you are personally not into the fishing part of the fly fishing or you can not afford to start out with two Fly Fishers in the family, you can always support your favorite Fly Fisher, but learning how to tie some flies for him or her.

In our Family that is my job. I am learning right along the side of my hubby how to tie those flies (trust me it looks a lot easier then it is, but is a lot of fun). Well you always did say you wanted to spend some quality time together!

Happy Fly Fishing everyone!

By Regina Sunderland - I was born in Germany and came to the USA in 1988. I have traveled all over the United States and had the pleasure to reside in several different states. Writing and Art has been a particular passion of mine...